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Buy Meds Online Store  fans wondering whether or not the brand would be changing the Stimul8 formula for their capsule version now have their answer. Just as BUY MEDS ONLINE STORE didn’t change anything going from their original Stimul8 pre-workout powder to the premixed Stimul8 RTD. The new Stimul8 capsules have also kept all the ingredients the same, as well as the order of ingredients and proprietary blend dose of exactly 2.6g.

The only real downside to the third Stimul8 is that you get 30 4 capsule servings per bottle, as opposed to the flavored supplement’s 40. While you might think 10 less servings would bring the price down, with the latest from BUY MEDS ONLINE STORE now on sale at Tiger Fitness, it seems that isn’t actually the case.

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